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Christ Central School


Financial assistance may be available to your family. Scholarships are considered for students whose family meets the 200% Poverty Guideline for the year. If you are awarded a scholarship, you  receive a 50% discount off the student's tuition.

Monthly Plans

Tuition may be paid through 10 monthly installments. Each monthly payment will be due on the 1st of each month.

                The first payment will be due August 1st. If payment is not received by the 5th of each month, a $5 late charge will be assessed.  A student may NOT attend classes until the enrollment fee and first month’s tuition are paid in full. Should two consecutive months of tuition remain unpaid, the FULL amount owed must be paid by the 5th day of the third month or the student will be suspended until the balance is current. Christ Central may require pre-paid tuition for those families that have a history of delinquent tuition.

Tuition is not adjusted for student absences, whether voluntary or involuntary. Christ Central School reserves the right to withhold any transcripts, report cards, or any other school records until any outstanding balance has been paid.

Enrollment Fee

The enrollment fee is a one-time yearly payment of $350 for all students. The enrollment fee includes $275 rental for books, $50 technology fee, and helps cover other instructional materials, photocopier, etc. This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.